Always Getting Better

We know that we’re not perfect and that mistakes will sometimes happen, but we’ve launched a new programme aimed at addressing the concerns of our valued passengers. Scroll down and let us explain how we intend to make your experience with Max better.

If you have a complaint, we’ve made it simple to get in touch, and keep you updated with how we’ve dealt with it.

Whilst over the last year, across millions of bookings, we’ve received less than 10 complaints, we’re committed to handling our complaints in an open and simple way. Simply fill in our complaints form on our website, and our customer service manager will deal with it personally, and let you know the outcome.

We promise that every Max Taxi has had an independent MOT within the last 4 months for the safety of you & our driver.

We keep incredibly stringent records for all of our drivers and their cars. Should a drivers MOT expire and we haven’t had proof of renewal, they are automatically blocked from accepting any new jobs. Peace of mind for everyone.

We’ve introduced dedicated drivers solely for airport transfers, so a friendly face is always waiting when you land back in the UK.

We’ve created a pool of drivers who will work exclusively on airport transfers. The driver will check your flight arrival time by tracking it’s progress, to make sure they’re ready and waiting when you leave the terminal.

Our advanced dispatch software automatically limits the amount of hours a driver can work in one day

We believe that drivers require adequate rest breaks between shifts, to ensure they’re alert, engaged and able to offer great customer service. For this reason, once our drivers reach a fixed number of hours in one shift, they can no longer accept new jobs, ensuring they take a suitable rest break.